Let’s Launch Your Relationship- Building Funnel Together

A 2-week Bootcamp designed to help you attract and build relationships with the right clients and grow your business with a high-converting, automated lead generation system built by you.


* Our next start date is May 9th.

Let’s Be Blunt!

Building a relationship nurturing funnel system is hard work.

Are these roadblocks what’s holding you back? 

  • You don’t know what to put in your funnel system.
  • You don’t know how to map out the customer journey to effectively build relationships.
  • You don’t know how to write the sales copy that will speak to your ideal client in the right way without sounding ‘salesy’.
  • You don’t know how to write the email sequence needed for your funnel system that builds that like, know and trust factor you keep hearing about but don’t fully understand how to implement.
  • You don’t know what tech tools you need to set up your funnel system and put it on automation.

If you said YES to any of the above questions; then we can help you.

You’ve probably been in other sales funnels that send you endless, pushy emails selling constantly to you. Just the words “sales funnel” bring nightmares and leave you shaking your head saying “No way I’m doing one of those!”

I agree with you 100%. Those are NOT relationship-building funnel systems. We show you a different way.

Take a positive step forward and let’s do it together!

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Everyone should have a relationship-building system that turns strangers into buyers…on autopilot.

This is for you if…

You want to get off the ‘Feast or Famine’ treadmill. You know working harder isn’t going to grow your business when you’ve hit the limit on the amount of time and energy you can do.

You can’t rely on referrals and word of mouth for consistency.

You know you need to get systems in place to streamline, free up time and build your email list. You’ve heard from everyone that “the money is in the list” but you haven’t been able to build your list.

You want to get your damn funnel built but you want it done right. You’ve tried lead magnets, email sequences and ads but they haven’t worked and you don’t want to waste any more time or money.

If this sounds like you and you want a framework and strategy that works and is easy to use then…


Sign up for our Relationship-Building Funnel Bootcamp

We coach you through every aspect of building a beautiful, properly structured Relationship-Building Funnel over 2 weeks.

Your new funnel will start working for you once it goes live

and you will know exactly how to use it – You built it!

The Relationship-Building Funnel Bootcamp covers the following:


1 on 1 coaching to build your funnel over 2 weeks.


Define your Customer Avatar.


Write your lead magnet email sequence.


Build an optimized landing page using our 15 Pt. Checklist.


Map out the Customer Value Journey.


Set up your Tech Stack on automation.


Learn which traffic sources are the best option.


Install a Heatmap to track what your landing page visitors are doing (value $480/year)

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This program isn’t for everyone!

This program is for serious business owners ready to implement a lead-generating system.

It doesn’t matter whether you need your first landing page or need a new one.

You do need to be committed for the full 2 weeks and willing to put the work in.

We have over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing to guide you through the right way.

You will learn how to:

  • ZGo from zero to deploying a beautiful Relationship-Building Funnel System
  • ZOptimize your offer to attract your audience to your list effortlessly.
  • ZEnsure your content speaks directly to your target audience
  • ZStructure your landing page for an optimal flow and customer journey
  • ZHeatmap installed to track what your landing page traffic is doing
  • ZWrite out your email sequence that includes a sales email that converts.
  • ZSetup your tech stack and automations
  • ZYou will be able to fully use & edit your funnel system - You Built It!

Ready to get started?

You can click the button below to register for our Relationship-Building Funnel Bootcamp. You’ll be taken to our checkout to complete your purchase.

Our Relationship-Building Funnel Bootcamp is priced at $997 USD, which includes a 2-week conversion funnel development program plus the Planning Document, Checklist and 1-year access to a Heatmap Program (valued at $480/yr).

After your order has been placed you’ll receive a welcome email and a checklist on everything you need to have ready prior to the first training session.

We look forward to helping you launch your new Relationship-Building Funnel to grow your business.

Let’s do this!

What’s included in our Relationship-Building Funnel Bootcamp?

Learn how to build a Relationship-Building Funnel for your business with this intensive Bootcamp.

We walk you through every step on how to properly structure and build your Relationship-Building Funnel from start to finish.

At the end of this Bootcamp, you will have a fully functioning, beautiful conversion funnel for your business that is launched and starts bringing in leads and sales.

Our Bootcamp is structured over 2 weeks every Monday and Wednesday at 5pm EST where we cover the following:

Night 1

We will discuss your business, the products or services that you offer and the audience that you serve.

We will do a tech audit to ensure you have the best combination of tools.

We will do a website audit to plan out your funnel and sales page.

We’ll review your content to ensure it speaks to your target audience.

We will also discuss key areas that would bring growth advantages to your business once your funnel is launched.

Night 2

We will map out the customer journey at every stage of the funnel.

We will map out the content needed at every stage of the funnel.

We’ll review and edit your irresistible offer or lead magnet.

We will install your Google Tags, Facebook Pixel, Heat map, etc. for sales tracking.

We will discuss how to use the heat map program for optimal funnel conversions.

Night 3

We will build out your funnel using our blueprint to maximize conversions.

We work with you to ensure your funnel ‘looks and feels like you’.

We show you how to insert the human-centric touch that creates excitement and builds relationships with your audience.

We integrate the funnel with your website and build out the automation.

Night 4

We review and edit your email sequences.

We set up your email sequences on automation and test the complete funnel system.

We review the best ways to build excitement (organically) for your lead magnet or program that will bring in traffic based on the audience you already have.

We launch your Relationship-Building Funnel!!

[Bonus] We plan out a 30 Day social media campaign and growth strategy to grow momentum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I have a WordPress funnel instead of using a separate program like ClickFunnels?

With a WordPress funnel, you own your funnel and content and it will grow with your business. With ClickFunnels, Leadpages or Kajabi, to name a few,  you don’t own it; you’re renting your landing pages.  A WordPress funnel is also considered a tangible asset for your business, like your email list.

Will I have a complete sales funnel at the end of this program?

Yes, you will. We work side by side with you every week to design and develop every aspect of your conversion funnel, so it’s ready to launch. You will also access training videos, templates and can contact us during weekday office hours.

How many hours do I need to commit to this program each week?

You will need to commit 4 hours every week for class time and then a few hours to complete the homework before the next class to ensure your funnel system is ready to be launched at the end of the 2-week program.

How can I trust you? What’s your experience level?

We’re an established, award-winning agency having first formed back in 2009. We have over a decade of experience with WordPress, web design, landing pages and marketing. Our friendly team are well versed in digital marketing strategies and creating growth plans that work for our clients.

Feedback From Our Clients

“Kalleigh has a direct approach with years of website development experience which I truly appreciated.”

Malcolm Gurley, MG Business Process Improvements Inc.

“Kalleigh knows her stuff. She answered all of my questions and her explanations were easy to understand. She also gave me really good growth advice. 

Bob Ward, St. Thomas Auto Guys

“Kalleigh’s drive and passion meshes with your business to assist you to achieve whatever you wish for your business and she will go the extra mile to let you know what is the latest for you to take advantage of. I wholeheartedly recommend The Growth Fix, Kalleigh and her team!”

Bob Tucker, Real Profit Solutions Ltd.

“Kalleigh has a gift for helping clients succeed. Her proven background in sales & marketing is also complemented by a humbling level of technical know-how. She has dedicated herself to understanding our business needs, pinpointed areas where we have been able to implement achievable solutions, and we’re celebrating weekly wins as a direct result! 

Graham Venning, Desert Wing