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There is so much crappy, or wrong, advice out there so skip the B.S.  Learn real, tactical sales and marketing strategies with 1-on-1 coaching and education along with peer accountability and support from other business owners in the community.

The Growth Fix Mastermind

Join our monthly mastermind for business owners who are serious about growing their business and who need expert help, strategy, accountability and feedback.

The Growth Fix Clubhouse Group

Come to our Clubhouse group to hone your skills, learn new ones, network and find ways to grow your business. Be in a supportive group with other business owners.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Now is the time to make sure you’re building a future-focused business that will thrive and grow.  No matter what life throws your way, you need to have a solid plan in place to ensure your business doesn’t get stuck.

Are you fed up with NOT nailing your marketing? DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?

You've got a website that you don't really like or isn't doing anything.

You're not consistently posting on social media & don't have a real strategy?

You're overwhelmed by the amount of marketing you know you should be doing!

GUESS WHAT...You're NOT alone! Join us for help & support in the member area

Goal Setting

We develop a custom growth strategy plan based on your goals for the business.

Business Coaching

90-minute Group calls & 1-on-1 Coaching to discuss marketing strategies and results.

Stress Management

We help you overcome limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and procrastination.


We help you stay on track so that you reach your goals.

What Exactly Is The Growth Fix Mastermind?
Who Is It For?

We help businesses like yours find the hidden benefits to their products and services that attract their ideal customers and increase their sales and revenue goals while being in a supportive community of like-minded owners.

Marketing Strategies that work.
You can’t do everything at once, badly. I’ll help you focus on one at a time that aligns with your goals and you’ll become brilliant at it. You’ll be following your Growth Fix plan, seeing results and not feel overwhelmed anymore.
Get expert advice.

I have over 25 years of sales and marketing experience to help you. I’m not an expert at everything so I will be bringing in guest experts in their field to further your knowledge and get the right growth strategies.

Course Offerings

With your membership, you’ll have access to core courses covering numerous Sales and Marketing topics (ie: LinkedIn, Website Design, Social Media, Sales, SEO, Ads, etc.).

A Interactive Community

The Growth Fix community is a private, exclusive group of like-minded business owners working on the same issues as you – trying to grow their business. It’s a great place to get answers and support and make real friends who ‘get’ you.

Face to Face Support & Accountability

I love helping people. You may have already been in one of my Clubhouse rooms, heard me speak in others or came to one of my Canadian Business Owner meetups. This is the reason I’ve set up this mastermind program. You’ll get 90-minute bi-weekly Zoom calls, 1-on-1 Coaching with Kalleigh and a chance to build your community of other like-minded business owners from our exclusive community. You never have to feel alone in your journey again!

In the Mastermind community, we want you

FIRED UP to grow your business!


WINS – What worked or went well for you. Let’s celebrate it!

PROGRESS – An update on what progress you’ve made.

CHALLENGES – What are you struggling with?

HELP – We collectively as a group brainstorm, advise and guide each other.

LEARN – Training and input from me, other guest experts, members of the group and YOU.


In the Spotlight is an opportunity for you to present your problems, challenges and questions to the Mastermind group and everyone, collectively, works on an in-depth solution.

The great thing about doing a Spotlight is you will get in-depth help from myself and the community. It also allows you a chance to reflect and clarify your issue(s) so that you can clearly explain it to others.

The other benefit of that is that it usually also clarifies it for ourselves as well.

This is a great way for the community to support and help each other with no judgement or attitude.


What key takeaways did you get from the mastermind sessions that you can apply to your business to help it grow?

How many of those are you going to implement in the next 2 weeks to grow your business?

We will help you stay on track so that you reach your goals.

Your mastermind community will also help you stay on track.

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” – Tanzanian Proverb

You’ve got this – you can do ANYTHING – you just need to start.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Meet The Challenge. Reward Yourself.

The Growth Fix Mastermind Group is NOT for everyone. This group is only for certain types of entrepreneurs. We don’t just let anyone in!

You must be mission-driven and ready to transform your life and business and those you help (your customers).

You need to be at the point in your business where you know you need to do something different to get to the next level. You’re ready to implement and/or hire the right people to get there. You can’t do it alone anymore!

If this sounds like you, apply now to schedule a free, 15 minute chat to see if you’re a good fit for our mastermind group.

Online Resources (free)

Lead Generation eBook by The Growth Fix

Lead Generation eBook

Generate new enquiries whilst you sleep using a lead generation system to automatically nurture and educate your prospects.

Email Marketing Quick Start Guide by The Growth Fix

Email Marketing Guide

Use email marketing to educate and nurture your subscribers. We’ll walk you through what you need and how to get started today.

Social Media Marketing eBook by The Growth Fix

Social Media Marketing eBook

Connect and share with your audience on Social Media. Learn how to get started and engage your followers on an ongoing basis.


“Kalleigh is knowledgeable and has a sincere interest in helping businesses to have a strong representation online. Her diverse work experience and qualifications are well reflected in her approach to business. She provides me with great ongoing training & advice to grow!”

Marsha S. Cadogan

MSC Intellectual Property & Technology Law

“Kalleigh & Sheryl’s drive and passion mesh with your business to assist you to achieve whatever you wish for your business and they will go the extra mile to let you know what is the latest for you to take advantage of.”

Bob Tucker

Creative Harmonic Solutions Inc.

“Kalleigh has a gift for helping clients succeed. Her proven background in sales & marketing is also complemented by a humbling level of technical know-how. She has dedicated herself to understanding our business needs, pinpointed areas where we have been able to implement achievable solutions, and we’re celebrating weekly wins as a direct result! We wholeheartedly recommend Zealous Social & Kalleigh, but be forewarned her energy and enthusiasm could well make you a little ‘Zealous’ too ;)”

Graham Venning

Desert Wing

“We hired Kalleigh, Sheryl and their team to coach us through the launch of our new product. Their coaching program is thorough and they understood our business needs, pinpointing areas where we needed to streamline, change or hire. They are straight shooters. Our launch was a huge success. We were able to get our product into Target and other key retail stores! Kalleigh & Sheryl also helped us with our other product lines too. We can’t recommend Zealous Social, Sheryl & Kalleigh high enough.

Gene Kaminsky

Worx Toys

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