We don’t just let anyone in!


Our mastermind group is ONLY for a certain type of entrepreneur…

…You must be mission-driven and ready to transform your life and your business!

If this sounds like you, apply now and schedule a 15-minute chat with Kalleigh to see if you’re a good fit for our mastermind group.

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Grow personally and professionally and welcome the idea of regular accountability and focus.


You are tired of information overload and confusion on what to do next and in what order and wasting valuable time.


You want to be supported on this journey instead of being alone and feeling isolated and you want to support others on theirs.


You’re ready to make the commitment to yourself and your business, do the work required and commit to participate fully.

Kalleigh has a gift for helping clients succeed. Her proven background in sales & marketing is also complemented by a humbling level of technical know-how. She has dedicated herself to understanding our business needs, pinpointed areas where we have been able to implement achievable solutions, and we’re celebrating weekly wins as a direct result! We wholeheartedly recommend Kalleigh O’Togher, but be forewarned her energy and enthusiasm could well make you a little ‘Zealous’ too 😉

Graham Venning

Desert Wing

What Is Marketing Coaching?

A Marketing Coach is a Coach who helps entrepreneurs develop their brand, build marketing campaigns and learn how to speak to their customers.

They will have practical, real-world experience in business and marketing and will drill down and help their clients drive sales.

Who Is Marketing Coaching For?

Marketing Coaches are for any business that is trying to achieve the success they envisioned for their businesses.

Do you need help to get off the ground? Are you trying to upscale your business? No matter what your definition of success is, a marketing coach will help you make that happen.

What is The Process Like?

We ask you a series of questions you have to answer so that we can learn everything about your brand and your goals.

Then we work with you to focus your efforts, iron out your marketing plan and give you a clear path to success.

1. Craft Your Marketing Plan.

We work with you to design a marketing plan that will give you a clear path to follow.

2. Building a Business System or Website.

We audit your website and/or sales funnels to ensure they are working for your business and doing the job they are supposed to do. If they aren’t, or you are missing key pieces (ie: sales funnel, automations, etc.) then we will map out what is needed.

3. Identifying a Lead Magnet.

We work with you to develop a lead magnet that works for your brand and goals. Some businesses use eBooks or Checklists but for others, it makes more sense to use a Quiz.

4. Streamlining Tools.

We review all your tools and programs to ensure that they all work seamlessly together and make sense for the growth of your business and your team members. You don’t need 3 tools that all overlap in features, especially when you’re not utilizing any of them to their full capabilities. Or you have tools & programs that don’t fit your needs but you keep trying to make it work.

5. Defining Goals & Implementing Strategies.

We work with you to define your goals and build a roadmap that walks you through the strategies you need to implement to make your customers buy your products or services. 

Or You Can Join One of Our

1-on-1 Coaching Bootcamp Programs

WordPress Website Build

Over a 2 week period, we work with you to build a WordPress website from the ground up.

More Details

We ensure that your website will be built properly from the ground up*.

The following features will be included:

– Security – to protect your website from viruses and malware.

– Heatmap – you’ll know exactly what your website visitors are doing to ensure your website is optimized for conversions. ($480 value/year – we give you 1 year).

– Booking App – let your clients’ book appointments and/or pay for services with you right on your website ($200 value/year – we give you 1 year).

– Basic SEO – We show you how to do meta tags, Alt tags, etc. and provide tips for more advanced SEO strategies.

– Optimized to meet Google Core Vitals which means your photos will be optimized, you’ll have a caching plugin, etc. so your website loads quickly.

– Your design will match your brand.

– The back end will function (ie: collect emails)

– You’ll be compliant (GDPR, Privacy Policy, Cookie Notices, Terms)

* This is based on you having your content, media, hosting, domain, logo, branding, etc. ready to go.

Note: We also offer a 2-day Intensive Website Bootcamp for those who need a website up quickly. Speak to us for more details.


Relationship-Building Funnel

In 2 weeks you’ll have a complete sales generating system on automation set up.

More Details

We work with you for 2 weeks to set up your sales landing page, payment page, thank you page, and email campaign (nurture, upsell) on automation so you can start growing your email list and making sales*.

A sales funnel is a landing page specifically designed to promote one offer to your potential customer to get them to purchase that specific product or service. It can also be used for your eBooks and Guides to build your email list and nurture those leads into sales.

When a potential customer lands on your landing page, you need to have an email sequence (5 emails) set up to nurture those leads down the path to purchase. We work with you to write them.

You can put all of this on automation to ensure it is working for you 24/7.

* You’ll need to have your lead magnet, payment processor (ie: Stripe or PayPal), and email program (ie: MailerLite) set up depending on your goals.

* We provide you with a Heat Map to track what your leads are doing to optimize your landing pages for the greatest success ($480/year Value – 1-year access given).

* We provide you with a Booking App on your website to book appointments and take payments for your services or events ($200/year Value – 1-year access given).

$1,497 $997

Intro Price

16 Week Business In A Box

In 8 weeks we work with you to fully launch your new business and bring in sales.

More Details

This program comprises of four modules that will have your business fully up and running without the headaches many startups face.

These four modules consist of:

Module 1 – 2 Weeks to build a WordPress Website from the ground up with everything needed to start doing its job.

Module 2 – 2 weeks to build your sales funnel, email campaigns, newsletters and automation to generate leads and sales.

Module 3 – 2 weeks to plan out one year of Social Media and Blog Content that will build your brand, reach your target audience and drive sales. Plus FB & IG Ads basic strategies.

Module 4 – 2 Weeks to implement the business processes needed to operate your business day-to-day. This includes Invoices, Payment Processing, CRM’s, Accounting, Contracts, Automations, etc.



“Kalleigh provides great advice in helping me move my company’s social marketing strategies forward with proven success”

Alison Peloquin

My Pet's Apothecary

“Kalleigh has a direct approach with years of experience which I really appreciate. “

Malcom Gurley

MG Business Process Improvements Inc.

“Kalleigh blew me away with her vast knowledge and experience. She’s provided me with a lot of practical advice and many great ideas. “

Arlee Hoecherl

Analysis 360


“Kalleigh knows her stuff. She answers all my questions and gives me great advice. Her explanations are easy to understand as well.”

Bob Ward

St. Thomas Auto Guys

“Kalleigh has helps me so much with my startup. She answers all my questions and really clarifies what I need to work on. “

Lindsey Fardy

Seaway Bath Renovators

“Kalleigh was able to pinpoint exactly what we needed to do to improve our social media campaigns and online presence to meet our growth goals. “

Stephane St. Denis

Ionic Electrical Contracting Inc.


Will this work for me?

As a member of The Growth Fix mastermind group, you get the benefits of learning from everyone in the group going through similar challenges you are.

You also get access to 1-on-1 coaching, guest speakers and courses to learn new skills to streamline, be more productive and reach your goals faster. 

When and how often do we meet?

We meet every 2 weeks for 90-minutes plus you get 1 hour of 1-on-1 coaching with Kalleigh every month.

Can I ask questions or get help outside our meet times?

Yes, you can ask as many questions as you need to and the group, collectively, are there to help you get unstuck.

You can also send a private message and I’ll get back to you as I am regularly active on the membership site.

How many people are in the group?

We like to keep each mastermind group small so that you can get to know each other and build lasting relationships so we limit them to a maximum of 10 but we prefer between 5 and 8.

We do have a couple of smaller groups with fewer members and grow those groups when new people join that are a good fit with the other members.

Each member needs to be a compliment to the other members in that group.

How many hours do I need to invest each week?

You should be investing at least 4 hours a week implementing growth strategies in order to get the results you want.

The mastermind group requires commitment and focus to be successful.

How long is the commitment?

3 months is the commitment required.

It takes time to build your business and you should be planning out your long-term goals to get the best results.

After 3 months you are free to cancel at any time but you need to have clear expectations that it usually takes 6 to 12 months to achieve long-term, consistent revenue.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like if you feel that you are getting value from the group.

What if I miss a Group Session or my 1-on-1?

Group sessions will be recorded and posted in the membership area for all to review.

For 1-on-1 sessions – if you have to cancel it will be rescheduled. You won’t lose your session. 

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